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New Sunbeds and Collagen Units for Sale

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ID: INTC5 INTANSITY Cream (5 Sachets)

Combining classic tanning with increased skin regeneration

Formulated with special lipid components which promote an even tanning reaction on your skin so that your tan is more intensive and balanced.

Buy 5 of our 15ml sachets

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ID: C240 Tantarella 240w Canopy

240w RUVA “Tantarella” foldaway or canopy.  9 High powered 240w RUVA tubes plus 4 tube facial booster fitted as standard.  Dual timer and hour counter, made out of white acrylic UPVC, excellent quality, curved with adjustable spring assisted stand.  Can be stood upright and stored when not in use. 12 month guarantee.

ID: CT9 9 Tube Collagen Therapy Unit
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Collagen Therapy skin rejuvenation - Stylish 160 watt 9 Tube compact curved foldaway unit fitted with high power Red Light tubes plus 4 tube facial booster to enhance treatment in the facial area. The unit is operated with twin timers and tubes are protected with a full acrylic safety screen. The canopy is mounted on a fully adjustable stand, which can be used over a normal bed or a taller stand is available for use over a beautician''s couch. When not in use canopy can be folded away for easy storage. The 4 caster base allows it to be easily moved from one area to another. Normal 13amp plug.

See Collagen Therapy section for additional information regarding use and skin rejuvenation benefits..

Price includes delivery, installation and 12 months guarantee.

ID: D240w Tantarella 240w Double

Tantarella – superb 240watt double unit.  Colour white. Made to high standard, curved (acrylic capped UPVC) top. Curved wooden bottom to promote all over tan.  4 tube Facial booster fitted as standard. 240w tubes in top, 125w tubes in base.  Double timer and hour counter fitted as standard.  12 month guarantee.

ID: V240w 240w Sunshower - 20 tubes
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240 watt open top vertical sun shower, 20 6ft RUVA tubes, side body breeze system.  Hour counter and dual timers.  Available in white or metallic. 12 month guarantee.

ID: D240D Tantarella 240w Double De-Luxe

As “Tantarella Double” but includes full length white metallic side tan (2 extra tubes) and body breeze system.  The ultimate in tanning.  The De-luxe double, 12 month guarantee.

ID: V240w24 240w Vertical Sunshower - 24 Tubes



High powered 240 watt vertical tanning unit with 24 6ft RUVA tubes and central body breeze cooling systems.  Slightly larger model giving more floor space.  Excellent quality, hour counter and dual timer.  White.  Latest model giving the best results !



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